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Since 1982 selling automatic temperature control valves in the HVAC industry. Inovation is a key word here. As an OEM Nelson Controls LLC has introduced a full line of electronically actuated ball, globe and butterfly valves and pressure independent control valve.  We now have our own line of ANSI 125# Manual butterfly from 1" thru 48" Cast Iron or Aluminum body having 1MPa close off and the lowest torque requirements available with a ten year track record in HVAC here in the USA. Further we are developing a new product that removes all pollution and sterilizes micro organizims in your HVAC systems.   Converting outdoor air that is drawn into the building into polution free air to circulate throught out your buildings.  Finally the exhaust air returned to the out door environment is clean and polution free. A dual function process this Green engineered system will also scrub out door air clean.
                              OF THE FOLLOWING
 OKM Butterfly Valves in the HVAC Industry Across America. y
 Hydrotech Water Flow Meters and Bench Test machines
CARNES - Humidifiers
INVENSYS - Control Valves
ENOLGAS  Manual and automated valves, WOG
FLOWCON pressure independent valves
NEPTRONIC -  Damper Actuators, Controls and Control Valves
Purespectrum Technology
SIEMENS -  Controls Valves
STEAM TRAPS American Valve, ArmstrongTraps, Barnes & Jones,Hoffman, MEPCO, Nicholson, Spirax Sarco, Tunstall, Pennant
Spense Engineering Pressure Regulators
WARREN TECHNOLOGIES       Electric Unit Duct Heaters,
                                            Diffusers,VAV's, Unit Ventilators.

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